Museum Oud Amelisweerd (MOA)

Year: 2013–present

In 2014, the Armando Museum Bureau was changed to the Museum Oud Amelisweerd (MOA) and a new identity had to be developed. In addition to the Armando collection, the stately home transformed into a museum houses the oldest original Chinese wallpaper in the Netherlands. In addition to the ‘Armando typeface’ that had already been developed (see also in chapter ‘Identities’), I used the letters M, O and A as a starting point for the new identity. Because these three letters are symmetrical, mirrored halves are created when you transect them vertically. In each case, the two halves form a framework – both literally and figuratively – within which content from the museum is displayed, revealing the collection to the visitor. Together with Tomas Celizna, I designed the website to accompany the new identity.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Design of website for the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. The palace has been painted and photographed hundreds of times and in all periods since its existence. I wanted to show this by starting the homepage with all these different forms of the exterior of the palace. The images create the grid of the site. When you click on an image you enter the palace. The other images go to the background, but appear again on mouse-over.

The Amsterdam Royal Palace is one of three palaces used by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. It is the venue for State Visits, the Queen’s New Year receptions and other official functions, including the annual presentation of the Erasmus Prize, the Silver Carnation, the Royal Awards for Painting and the Prince Claus Prize.When the Palace is not in use by the Queen or members of the Royal Household, it is open to the public.