One Architecture/signage for health care centre

Client: One Architecture / Matthijs Bouw

St. Jozef, a monastery dating from the 1950’s is being transformed into a health care centre.
The architectonical interventions done by One Architecture, set up a dialogue with three major aspects of the building; the structure of the complex around the gardens, the sacral identity of the building and the catholic brick-hiding-the-underlying-concrete-architecture from the 1950’s.

Health Center Jozef has been nominated for the award ‘Gouden Piramide’ (Golden Pyramid) which is a state prize awarded for excellence in commissioning work in architecture. New artwork is added by Berend Strik.

Because the bricks are a very important part in the building and to include the signage within the architecture, I used the bricks as a grid to put all the names of the different departments (dentist, speech therapist, fysiotherapie, etc). Every brick contains a seperate syllable. The empty bricks are safed for future departments.

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Signage for Royal Palace Amsterdam