The Good Cause-Architecture of Peace Pinakothek der Moderne

Client: Archis / Pinakothek der Moderne, München


Designed together with
Adriaan Mellegers

The Good Cause-Architecture of Peace, Stroom

Client: Stroom – Den Haag

Designed together with
Adriaan Mellegers

The Land of Golden Pyramids, Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.)

Client: Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i), Rotterdam
november 2008 – february 2009

The Dutch Architecture Institute asked to do the graphic design for ‘Het land van Gouden Piramides’ (The Land of Golden Pyramids) an exhibition about clientship in architecture. They also wanted a free newspaper for the visitors of the exhibition. We decided to put all the text of the exhibition into the newspaper. By hanging each loose-leaf page of the newspaper near a specific project (20 in total) in the exhibition, it also acted as a ‘letterpress’.

Besides text, the 20 projects had to be explained by different ‘icons’ that tell something about the content. When it comes to an architectural assignment, an architect is confronted with different aspects and possible clients, for example ‘municipality’, ‘government’, ‘business’, ‘new development’, etc.
We didn’t want to make literal symbols like small houses or little man, but wanted to translate it in a more abstract way. For every icon we have designed triangles and rectangles that have fixed positions and colors within the grid. By combining different icons there arise endlessly new triangles, rectangles, squares and new colors. It also reminded us of building stones. Because of this ‘self-setup system’, is was a pleasant surprise with each project what forms would arise.

Published in ‘Grafik magazine’, the April issue 2009 (Grafik 172)

Designed with Corine Datema
Curator: Huib Haye van der Werf

Sjaak Langenberg, Museum Jan Cunen

‘Kon ik maar 1:1 een overzichtstentoonstelling van mijn gedachten maken’
Museum Jan Cunen, Oss
Nov 2007 – Feb 2008

15 Different posters in the exhibition ‘Kon ik maar 1:1 een overzichtstentoonstelling van mijn gedachten maken’ (‘If only I could make a 1:1 overview of my thoughts’) about the work of artist Sjaak Langenberg in museum Jan Cunen. Because the art projects of Langenberg are mainly situated in public space, it was difficult to show it in a museum. Therefore I decided to collect all available information of a specific project (pictures, videotapes, newspaper reviews, official letters, etc.) and photographed it full-size (1:1). The title of each project became the title of each poster. Because of the full-size pictures, everything was still legible.

Photos posters: Peter Cox

Pierre Cuypers, Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.)

‘Architectuur met een missie’ (Architecture with a mission)
Client: Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i), Rotterdam
Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i), Maastricht

Lettering design for two exhibitions ‘Architecture with a mission’ about the architect Cuypers (1827-1921) who is known for his design of the Rijksmuseum and Central Station in Amsterdam.

Designed with Corine Datema
Curator: Linda Vlassenrood
Photos: Suzanne Kole

Architectuur van het stadion, Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.)

Client: Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.) & One Architecture (Matthijs Bouw)
designed with goodwill (Will Holder), 2000

106 Free information cards that come with an exhibition in the N.A.i. about the architecture of stadiums.
In the exhibition itself all the text is left out. By walking through the exhibition, you can collect all the 106 cards which give you all the information about models, pictures, etc. The cards have links to each other and explain difficult architectural words for kids. You can experience the exhibition chronological (by collecting card 1 till 106) or by subject (by following the instructions on a card that refers to other cards with the same subject). You can also take the cards home and read it all over again.

Published in: ‘New Design Amsterdam, the edge of graphic design’, Rockport Publishers, 2001

Link: nl

Architectuur Biënnale, Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.)

Client: Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.) / Kossmann & de Jong
Curator: Francine Houben

Lettering design for the exhibition ‘Mobility, a room with a view’, the first Architecture Biënnale in Rotterdam. In the main hall there was a huge worldmap (designed by NEXT Architects) and every city that was part of the exhibition was connected to this worldmap with a line. Every city had it’s own colour and if you followed the line through the whole room, you could find the huge cityplan, that turned round on a panel. If you kept following the line it would lead you to urban planning maps, models, etc. about the future of mobility in this particular city. The coloured lines and maps where all based on scales; the more you zoomed in on a project, the bigger the scale became.


Forget me not, Van Gogh Museum

Client: Van Gogh Museum

Lettering design for an exhibition about photography and remembrance.
Designed with Corine Datema

Aldo van Eyck, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

‘Ontwerpen voor kinderen’ (Designs for children)
Client: Kossmann & de Jong, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Lettering design for an exhibition about the 730 playgrounds that are designed for Amsterdam between 1947 en 1978 by the famous architect Aldo van Eyck (1918-1999).
His climbing frames have very characteristic forms and I’ve designed an ‘Aldo van Eyck playground’ typeface, based on these forms. The text information was placed on a big blackboard where children could draw on.

Design of exhibition: Kossmann & de Jong
Photos: Gert Jan Kocken