Buddha’s Life / Het leven van Boeddha – De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

Client: De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
Year: 2018 / 2019
Photography: Fan Liao

The exhibition tells the life story of the Buddha. His life phases (from birth to death) are the story of the exhibition. An important information carrier in the exhibition, designed by Siebe Tettero, are gigantic orange ‘gates’. Those gates, of orange fabric, needed a monumental gesture. Adriaan Mellegers and I have designed a modern version of the Mandala. Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘circle’ and in Buddhism it symbolizes the cosmos. With these circles we have created a grid from which infinite new shapes and patterns can be developed. On one occasion we apply that abstractly, as a new symbol for Birth or Enlightenment. The other time figuratively, by placing an image in it or making tree leaves. All objects in the exhibition have a Sanskrit figure instead of a Latin figure, so that the figures do not act as a disturbing element, but rather as an elegant addition.

With work from (amongst others): Ai Weiwei, Yoko Ono, Alicia Framis, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Koos Breukel.

Exhibition design: Siebe Tettero https://tettero.net/about/siebe-tettero/
Graphic design exhibition: Adriaan Mellegers & Vanessa van Dam http://www.adriaanmellegers.com/