TU Delft – Rise of a Campus

Client: TU Delft / Jules Schoonman
Year: 2017
Photos: Johannes Schwartz

Design of display case and all graphic & exhibition design for ‘Rise of a campus’ about the history of the TU Delft Campus, 2017
Designed together with: Adriaan Mellegers (http://www.adriaanmellegers.com)

The Rise of a Campus exhibition at the Aula of TU Delft. Using old maps, archival material, instruments, photos and films the exhibition shows how the university campus became what it is today. Rise of a Campus provides a historical overview of the Delft campus. The exhibition also takes a glance into the future. What plans are on the table today for developing the university campus further?

From 2017 onward, in celebration of its 175th anniversary, TU Delft is investing in raising the visibility of its academic heritage by improving the preservation of collections, initiating research projects, and organising presentations on campus in collaboration with students and academic staff.