Museum Oud Amelisweerd (MOA)

Year: 2013–present

In 2014, the Armando Museum Bureau was changed to the Museum Oud Amelisweerd (MOA) and a new identity had to be developed. In addition to the Armando collection, the stately home transformed into a museum houses the oldest original Chinese wallpaper in the Netherlands. In addition to the ‘Armando typeface’ that had already been developed (see also in chapter ‘Identities’), I used the letters M, O and A as a starting point for the new identity. Because these three letters are symmetrical, mirrored halves are created when you transect them vertically. In each case, the two halves form a framework – both literally and figuratively – within which content from the museum is displayed, revealing the collection to the visitor. Together with Tomas Celizna, I designed the website to accompany the new identity.