200 years a Kingdom (2015)

Stamps, ‘200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands’
Series of postage stamps, 2 per year, 6 in total.
Client: POST NL
Year: 2015, 2014, 2013

200 years a Kingdom (2015)
What exactly makes a Kingdom and when does it cease to exist? One aspect is the contours of a country, which determine the boarders, both literally and figuratively. Placing the contours of the country in the past (1815) and the present (2015) side by side demonstrates the enormous difference. While today’s Belgium was still a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815, this is no longer the case in 2015. And what was still the Zuider Zee in 1815 is now land. Both kings (Willem I in 1815 and Willem-Alexander today) have made their mark of the land to a greater or lesser degree. For the Netherlands of 1815, I translated this using the signature of Willem I; by rotating this a quarter of a turn, it encompasses the contours of the land. For Willem-Alexander’s Netherlands, I demonstrated this by using his personal wax seal, which he uses to ‘sign’ official documents.

An added benefit is the extra layer that is created when the postage stamp is stamped – a stamp on a stamp that already depicts a stamp.