The Good Cause-Architecture of Peace, Stroom

The Good Cause–Architecture of Peace
Client: Stroom, The Hague
Curators: Lilet Breddels, Arjen Oosterman
Year: 2014

The Good Cause the result of Architecture of Peace, the longterm research project by Archis into how architecture and design can contribute to a sustainable world peace. The Good Cause addresses the military, political and cultural complexity of rebuilding operations. Can architecture actively contribute to this area of tension? The exhibition shows inspiring, hopeful examples of interventions by architects and city planners in post-conflict areas in South Africa, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestina, Rwanda, Kosovo and distills a number of ‘key factors for success’.

It is with good reason that The Good Cause is shown in The Hague. As the International City of Peace and Justice The Hague plays an important role in conflict prevention and sentencing in conflict situations. The Hague hosts more than 160 institutions, large and small, that concern themselves with (world) peace, justice and security. This not only affects the public image of The Hague all over the world, but also has a great impact on the city itself and on its inhabitants. The impact is shown through maps and films, photographs of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia by Friso Keuris and drawings by Ivan Grubanov.

Designed together with Adriaan Mellegers