Cauchy Horizons – Martine Stig

Concept & Photography: Martine Stig, 2013
Editor: Frank van der Stok
Essays: Nav Haq (curator Muhka, Antwerp) and Peter Delpeut (writer / filmmaker)
Publisher: Kodoji Press (Baden, Switzerland)

Black holes have a ‘point of no return’ beyond which nothing comes back, not even light can escape. In physics these so called outer and inner event horizons are considered as gateways to the future and as bridges into parallel universes. The phenomena are so strange that it comes as no surprise that science fiction was needed to present us visions of the future and possible new worlds. In Cauchy Horizons Martine Stig investigates the visual language of science fiction cinema as ‘gravitational force’ of our collective imagination.Landmark sci-fi films ranging from Voyage dans la lune, Metropolis and La jettée to A Space Odyssey, Solaris and Videodrome, present patterns of symmetry, birds eyes perspectives, double projections, grids, screens, circles, pipes and lines and other aesthetic forms and figures (such as sleeping and running humans) that have shaped our image of the future.