Client: Martine Stig / Motive Gallery, 2010
Envelope, with 9 photos and little booklet
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij

Grouped around the protagonist in the image are children of the same age. To the left and right of the main figure we can see smart dresses, neat pullovers, starched (bow) ties and glimpses of these items. The chosen child is controlled in an unnatural looking manner by an upper arm, a tigh or a belly. Only a little can be seen of the setting; it looks unaccustomedly official. It is a set up you recognise, you can remember the accompanying feeling, the photographically frozen tension, the baited breath of those around you while the group portrait was taken. Later on, people often litterally refer to the annual class photo when the child has grown up to be a famous boxer or a politician, an opera singer or a notorious criminal. A circle like a halo is then drawn around their head on that faded group shot. Because, if you are famous, people zoom in…
To underline the zoom in, the literal cutout, all portraits are printed on loose cards. They’re inserted in an envelope, together with a small unfold textbooklet.