The Land of Golden Pyramids, Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.)

Client: Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i), Rotterdam
november 2008 – february 2009

The Dutch Architecture Institute asked to do the graphic design for ‘Het land van Gouden Piramides’ (The Land of Golden Pyramids) an exhibition about clientship in architecture. They also wanted a free newspaper for the visitors of the exhibition. We decided to put all the text of the exhibition into the newspaper. By hanging each loose-leaf page of the newspaper near a specific project (20 in total) in the exhibition, it also acted as a ‘letterpress’.

Besides text, the 20 projects had to be explained by different ‘icons’ that tell something about the content. When it comes to an architectural assignment, an architect is confronted with different aspects and possible clients, for example ‘municipality’, ‘government’, ‘business’, ‘new development’, etc.
We didn’t want to make literal symbols like small houses or little man, but wanted to translate it in a more abstract way. For every icon we have designed triangles and rectangles that have fixed positions and colors within the grid. By combining different icons there arise endlessly new triangles, rectangles, squares and new colors. It also reminded us of building stones. Because of this ‘self-setup system’, is was a pleasant surprise with each project what forms would arise.

Published in ‘Grafik magazine’, the April issue 2009 (Grafik 172)

Designed with Corine Datema
Curator: Huib Haye van der Werf