Architectuur van het stadion, Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.)

Client: Nederlands Architectuur instituut (N.A.i.) & One Architecture (Matthijs Bouw)
designed with goodwill (Will Holder), 2000

106 Free information cards that come with an exhibition in the N.A.i. about the architecture of stadiums.
In the exhibition itself all the text is left out. By walking through the exhibition, you can collect all the 106 cards which give you all the information about models, pictures, etc. The cards have links to each other and explain difficult architectural words for kids. You can experience the exhibition chronological (by collecting card 1 till 106) or by subject (by following the instructions on a card that refers to other cards with the same subject). You can also take the cards home and read it all over again.

Published in: ‘New Design Amsterdam, the edge of graphic design’, Rockport Publishers, 2001

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